Choose an activity below to help you study your word list each week. Have fun!

Rainbow Write

1. Write the word in pencil. 2. Trace over the word three times, each time with a different color.

Silly Sentences

1. Write a sentence using as many spelling words as you can.

2. Underline each spelling word you used.

ABC Order

1. Write your spelling words

in a list.

2. Cut your words apart and sort into alphabetical order.

3. Record your ABC order list.


1. Write a story using ALL your spelling words.

2. Underline your spelling words.

Wiggle Writing

1. Write your words. 2. Write them again in wiggle letters.

Blue Vowels

1. Write your words.

2. Trace over the vowels in each word with a blue colored pencil.

Vowels: a e I o u

Bubble Letters

1. Write your spelling words in bubble letters.

2. Color your letters in with marker or crayon.

1, 2, 3

1. First, write your word in pencil.

2. Second, write your word in crayon.

3. Third, write your word in marker.


1. Write your word vertically (up and down).

2. Write another word starting with each letter of the word.



1. Use Scrabble letters to write each word.

2. Add up how many points each word is worth.

Red Consonants

1. Write your spelling words in a list.

2. Trace over each consonant with a red pencil.

3. Count how many consonants are in each word.

Scrambled Words

1. Fold a piece of paper into 3 columns lengthwise.

2. In the first column, write your words. 3. In the second column, write them mixed up.

4. In the last column, see if a partner can unscramble them.

Dot Writing

1. Write your words in dots. 2. Connect the dots by tracing over them in colored pencil.

Break the Code

1. Create a code for each letter of the alphabet.

2. Write your words in code. 3. See if a friend can break the code.

Rhyming Words

1. Write your words.

2. Next to each word, write a word that rhymes with it. (Nonsense words are okay)

Word Sign

1. Practice your words in sign language.

Fancy Writing

1. Write each word with fancy letters.


1. Write each word.

2. Next to each word, write it using letterboxes. Pay attention to tall, short and letters with a tail.






Dough Words

1. Roll Playdough and sculpt your words.

Wikki Words

1. Use Wikki-Stix to make your words on a word mat.

Sensory Words

1. Use sensory letters to make rubbings of your words.

Glue Rubbings

1. Write your word and trace in glue. Let dry.

2. Use dried glue words to make word rubbings with paper and crayons.


1. Write your words using your finger on your palm.

Colorful Words

1. Write each letter in your words with a different color.

I Spy Words

1. Draw a picture.

2. Hide your words within the picture.

3. See if a friend can find them.

i-touch 2

1. Write a word on a friend’s back.

2. See if they can guess what you wrote.

3. Switch places.

Stretch & Spell

1. Stretch up high for tall letters. 2. Touch your hips for short letters.

2. Touch your toes for letters with a tail.

Don’t Break the Ice

1. Each time you spell a word correctly, you get to hammer one ice block.

2. Keep playing until the ice breaks.

Sand Writing

1. Write your words in a dark tray with a thin layer of sand in the bottom.

2. Shake the try gently side to side to erase.

Squeaky Clean

1. Spray a small amount of shaving cream on a table & spread out.

2. Write your word in the cream. 3. Erase and repeat.


1. Use a Magna-doodle to write your words.


1. Use a Light Bright to write your words.


1. Use a magazine and cut out the letters in your words.

2. Glue the letters to make your words.


1. Write your words on two sets of index cards.

2. Use cards to play a game of memory.

Word Texting

1. Use an old cell phone or telephone to spell your words.

Word Tracing

1. Write your words.

2. Use a crayon or marker to trace around each word.

Wrong Handed

1. Write the word.

2. Next, try to write it using the hand you do not usually write with.

M-M-M Words

1. Use Scrabble Cheese-its or Alphabits cereal to make your words. Yum!


1. Play tic-tac-toe with a friend (each player using a different colored pencil), writing wordsinstead of x’s and o’s.

Clap Spelling

1. Write each word.

2. Cut them out and sort into piles by how many syllables each has.

Spin a Yarn

1. Write the word in pencil.

2. Glue yarn over the pencil to make the word.

3. Let dry & then try to guess the word by touch.

Go Fish

1. Write your words on two sets of index cards.

2. Use cards to play a game of Go Fish.

String a Word

1. Use letter beads on a string to spell each word.

Eraser Race

1. Use your eraser to write your words into the pictures from a magazine.